Vienna 2007


We boarded the plane Friday morning and flew back to the Netherlands Sunday evening. So we had three days to explore the city. And we were lucky, only on the friday nigth a few raindrops but the rest of the weekend was sunny and sightly warm. I booked a nice hotel in on the edge of the centre, and the moment we arrived we bought a weekend-pass for the public transport. In other words we were ready to discover Vienna.

Don’t get me wrong, we had a great weekend, lots of fun, food, and a few nice things to see, but we both came to the conclusion that you shouldn’t visit Vienna when you just went to Roma or Firenze. We had expected more beauty, and more ow’s and ahhh moments. But instead we found a city that was, or dirty, or being renovated, or crowded with party-tents because they had organised a sport event or music festival.

The few moments we encountered beauty we tried to capture the moment as you can see in the gallery. Please click on the photo to enter the gallery

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