Very old school

84000-033 Old school, very old school. As in 25 years old.
I have been scanning my old negatives and I have almost finished. (15 years of analog photography, including my years at the academy. In total up to 16000 negatives.) It brings back old memories.

When I was twelve years old, my neighbor introduced me to photography. His main subject was trains and trams, and for me as a young boy that was an interesting subject. He also taught me everything about processing film and developing prints.

85001-034 But my first official encounter with a SLR (Praktica B100) and home developed film was when the pope visited my home country. I actually never had the change to take a picture of the pope but it was a great adventure, and I was caught by the magic that happened in the darkroom and got infected with the photo-virus.

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