Trick photography arm thru laptop screen

I have been playing with this idea in my head for the next crea workshop trick photography on my daughters school. Last year we tried to play with floatation and multiple exposures. And next to that we also did some shots where we used a frame. (see the gallery for the earlier workshops) But I always wanted to use a laptop screen as a frame. So today I did a shot with my daughter to tryout a few things. Below you see the best shot. It still needs a lot of rework in Photoshop, and I know I can do way better with the editing, but hey for a first (quick) tryout…
trick photography The trick is simple. Just shoot two photo’s one with the arm and without the laptop, and one the other way around. I actually just closed the lid of my laptop for the shot without the screen. Then combine the two photos in a program like Adobe Photoshop. I actually set the background of my laptop screen to green so I could easily remove it (green screen principle). Remove the inner space of the laptop screen and you are done. One of the easiest trick photography that you can do, and is easy to understand for kids. If you happen to know any tick photography techniques that are easy to understand for kids please let me know so I can consider to use them during one of the workshops.

I have added a new version of this shot which I think is a bit better. Comments are welcome
Canon EOS 5D Mark II-IMG_4046-Edit

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  1. Fully agree withya, second shot iz bettah due to bettah color matching of back and front pic.
    Suggestion for even bettah ‘shock’effect . try a picture of daughter in totally different enviroment . (just a thought) i think that would have even more realistic effect

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