One of my main hobbies is traveling. I never travel without my gear, which is a pain in the ass because its weight is enormous, 12kg fully loaded. So most of the time we travel by car and just explore the surroundings. I have been to several places all over the world and there are still many spots left to visit. The last few trips were very good photo opportunities and I was able to take some nice shots.

Since 2008 we have a daughter and that changed the way we travel. But nevertheless we are still exploring the world, and we are blessed with a little girl who loves to explore. So I am sure that many adventures await.

Places that I have visited are:worldmap.jpg


North America

South America



Places that I still want to visit are mainly located in Asia, Australia and South America. But I also want to visit Rusia and there are still some place left in Africa that I think are worth to pay a visit. We also are thinking about traveling to Antartica, but that doesn’t show on this map. So many, many places left to travel to.