Tractor racing

Once in a while you just walk into a setting that you can’t ignore. We were visiting theĀ American Motorcycle Museum in Raalte when we encountered this old tractor, which is for sale by the way. The kids started to climb it and we took some shots. My eye fell on a little stool next to the barn, so before we knew it we were make floating photos.

It was the first time for Mart to pose but he enjoyed it. And of coarse I couldn’t ignore Nickita, so she climbed on the tractor too as you can see in the shot below. For those curious how this was done, check my previous articles on floatation photos.

Regarding the work done on these shot; mainly they we both edited the same way.
I did the floating trick, added motion blur to the background, added radial blur to the wheels with Adobe Photoshop and spiced them up a bit in Adobe Lightroom.
Both were shot with my Canon G12 and without tripod (had to use a fencepost for stability)

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