Too many projects not enough time

Way too many ideas and no time, there are so many cool projects that I want to start, but it looks impossible to find the time to actually get started.

HDR combined with stacking photographs
Alright, I still need the perfect HDR shot but I also want to combine this with stacking. Basically what it comes down to is that you shoot on a busy location for an HDR photo and with stacking you eliminate all moving object.

Scale model photography
Use H0 scale models (used for the model trains sceneries) to created your own set-up and situation. Too many ideas in my head, but the main idea is that it needs to be humorous situations. Or situations that are impossible in a real world.

Fake scale model photography
Okay this is the opposite of the above. And actually this is pretty cool. You take a real life photo and make it look like if you shot a photo of scale models. So you let a real photo look like a fake situation. This all is done via several manipulations with Photoshop or a similar tool.

Planet shaped 360 degree photography.
When you shoot a panorama photo that covers 360 degrees horizontal and 180 degrees vertical you will be able manipulate this in Photoshop and give a planet shape. (Google on: ‘360 degrees photography planet’, and you will find several examples)

Macro photography (Insects)
This is pretty straight forward, close-up photography of insects. I am still chasing that perfect macro shot. Funny thing is that I have this idea in my head of shooting ants. But the shitty thing is that we do not have ants in our garden. And I refuse to use and methods that hurt or harm animals (like putting them in the fridge or freezer) So I need to be patient, and that doesn’t mix well with lack of time.

Also a long-term project, just look at the gallery to see what happened until this moment. Always looking for that portraits that has the right lightning, composition, emotion, and setting. As stated before, long-term and ongoing. And the easiest model is you.

And last but not least my daughter Nicki. But for her I always manage to find the time to make excellent shots. Most of these shot can be found on Feel free to pay a visit.

As you can see, there are too many ideas and not enough time. I will keep you updated.

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