Tattooed Pregnant Belly

More and more women get their baby bump painted. This is becoming a real hype and you can find plenty of examples when you search the internet.

img_9583-edit-edit joan-zwanger-studio-2008-05-048-edit Most of them also do a photo shoot with the painted belly so they can use the photo for the baby cards when the baby is born. A lot of women complain about the fact it takes too long to sit thru the painting session and also do (the same day) a photo shoot.

I think we found a solution. Tattooed baby bumps…. Not a real tattoo of course, but a photoshopped one. The fun part is that you only have to do the photo shoot and the rest can be done afterwards by editing the photo on the computer. And as an additional bonus we can even integrate the correct date as soon as the baby is born, something which is not possible with a pre-painted belly.

(the examples shown here are just examples, so if someone recognises one of these beautiful women, I used fake names and dates on one of them and the other one is in the past)

Are you interested? Contact us and we can discuss the options.

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