On our combined Kenya – Tanzania trip we saw too much, yes even for me that is possible. People we know me, know that it is never enough for me. And so it almost was on our trip. To be honnest I must say that we didn’t see enough but when we came back we had to organise all the photos we made (and videos). And that was way enough. We took 6900 photos and 24 hours of video. So you can imagine that it took a while to go thru all.

Below you see just a few, and in the Tanzania gallery there are a few more. (I did make a selection (80 pcs.))

When we entered Tanzania we already did many gamedrives in Kenya and we were getting the hang of it. We learned to be patient and most important we had learned where to look. What realy intreged me were the zebras. I love their paterns.

We saw many hyenas on the road, mostly lying in the mud or eating. They weren’t scared of the visitors and you could approach them very close. Persoanly I think they are scruffy looking animals with no beauty at all. And 9 out of 10 times they looked angry. When I took the photo of the eating hyena, we could hear the bone cracking. It made it even more realistic then it already was.

To be continued………

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