I was looking for a good noise reduction tool. When I looked on the internet it was not clear to me what would be the best program, so I did some testing. My main goal is to reduce most of the noise without the use of all the fancy settings. Personally I do not hate some noise in my pictures. Probably because I own a Canon 5D which doesn’t generate much noise at all. But the main reason why I’m looking for noise reduction software has to do with HDR. When I generate a HDR image I always get more noise in my images then I wished for. So I am in need of some good noise reduction tool Don’t expect too much of this mini test. Basically what I did was the following, I opened the original photo with the appropriate program or plug-in (within Adobe Photoshop CS4). If the program or plug-in had an automatic setting I used that. If not I only used the most basic adjustments/settings to get a decent result. Maybe I am just lazy, but hey I don’t want to spend my precious time with reducing noise. So the image on the top left is a crop of the original HDR file. (the un-cropped image can be found in the following article Curacao misty water HDR). The other images are the results of one of the following tools: Noise Ninja 2.2.1 (Stand Alone) Noise Ware 2.6 (Stand Alone) Noise Ware 4.2 (Photoshop plug-in) Photoshop CS4 (Stand Alone) Lightroom 3 (Stand Alone) NikSoft Dfine 2 (Photoshop plug-in) Neat Image Pro 6.0 (Stand Alone) Topaz Denoise 4(Photoshop plug-in) The most important thing for me is that I don’t loose any important details in the photo, so that is one of the things I based my conclusion […]