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Old school, very old school. As in 25 years old. I have been scanning my old negatives and I have almost finished. (15 years of analog photography, including my years at the academy. In total up to 16000 negatives.) It brings back old memories. When I was twelve years old, my neighbor introduced me to photography. His main subject was trains and trams, and for me as a young boy that was an interesting subject. He also taught me everything about processing film and developing prints. But my first official encounter with a SLR (Praktica B100) and home developed film was when the pope visited my home country. I actually never had the change to take a picture of the pope but it was a great adventure, and I was caught by the magic that happened in the darkroom and got infected with the photo-virus. Click on the years to see the galleries (I have added 1984 and 1985)

Exactly 1 month ago my father passed away. This happened during night-time. After we left the hospital it was 6 a.m. It was still dark outside (the sun just started to rise.) We drove by some farmland that was crowded with horses. My father has been busy with horses his whole life. So of coarse this scenery reminded us of my father. It was a foggy morning and there was a full moon, so plenty of light o see the horses in the fog. Both my wife and me loved the view. Last night I decided to go back and bring my camera. I got up really early so I would be there before sunrise. This morning also was a foggy morning. When I arrived there were a few horses but the were grazing on the other end of the field so it was almost impossible to photograph them. It was new moon so I also missed the additional light. And as I could have expected, it was not the same scenery as the one in my memories. But I made the 90 minutes trip and it was a beautiful morning. I brought my gear so why not take a picture. And I did. Actually is shot several that I think are worth showing you. But lesson learned is that it is almost impossible to photograph these kind of emotions or memories if you wait too long, during time they evolve in your mind and you will loose track. The first picture is actually a HDRi.