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Did a new studio shoot last weekend with Mick. And again, learned a few new things about shooting kids. Had to do a lot of retouching due to the fact that I used the small background paper. My initial thought was – small kid, small background, but a little 3 months old will not listen to any directions, so you need to have enough room to play in. Ergo, a bigger background would have given me more playground. And will prevent a lot of Photoshop work afterwards. Another lesson learned was that I need more time. As soon as the little rascal decides that it is enough, you have to listen. And a curious Nickita to my side wasn’t a good idea either. All that Mick did, was observing Nicki and he did not pay any attention to the camera. So we already talked about a new date for a more relaxed photo shoot. And this will take place at Mick’s house, so if he decides that it is enough and he gets tired, this won’t be a problem. Overall I am more then happy with the results. So I placed a few examples in the gallery. [Canon 5D, 24-70mm, Soft box, Standard flash head, silver reflector]

Shooting kids in the studio, always a challenge. But what a fun job to do. For both me as for my daughter Nicki. This weekend I decided to do another shoot with Nicki. I had this idea of a High-key photo shoot combined with flowers. So for the preparation we went shopping for a nice white dress and some artificial flowers. I had the idea to use roses and thought it was to risky to use real roses because of the thorns. So we went for fake flowers. Set up the studio with a white background, a soft box, a standard flash, and a hand held reflector. First we did some test shoots so Nicki could adjust to this new environment that suddenly appeared in her living room. The moment she was comfortable in the new environment we dressed her up and let her play with the props. And what a fun that was. After a while she understood that she could smell the flowers, or at least she could act that she was smelling them and we could even direct her into the right position (all I used was a small background (1,25 meters wide)) The moment she started to loose interest we gave her a new flower to play with and this worked really well. Ad the end we even introduced a whole lot of fake pedals to play with. Or should I say to throw with. That was the moment the fun for her really kicked in. Some tech info: All photos were shot with my Canon 5D, 24-70mm USM L, on 200ISO. I had to do a lot of polishing in Photoshop due to the fact that the background was very small. And as a final touch I used Scott Kelby’s 7-point system to enhance the […]