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After reading many articles on the internet I decided to buy an Infrared filter. Based on my camera I had two options; the expensive Hoya 072, or the cheaper Cokin P-007 (89B). Because I was not sure if I would like the whole IR thing I decided to go for the cheaper option only 1/8 of the price of a Hoya filter. (Hoya 77mm costs 200,- Euros, and the Cokin only 25,- Euros (if you already own the filter holder and adapter rings)). The first try outs were not as expected; it took me a day to figure out that I did not use the correct white balance. So the next day I took some outside shots and I am not really sure if I like the results. The problem is that I am not sure if I am doing something wrong. Or if the cheaper filter is not providing the expected result, or that maybe my camera body is not capable to shoot IR. According to articles found on the internet, I should be able to get some good results with my canon 300D body. So that should rule out that possibility. Unfortunately I have not been able to found any articles that describe the 300D in combination with the Cokin P-007 (89B) filter. I did found a Dutch website with examples of what I am trying to achive. Cklck here to go to this website and click on ‘infrarood’

Today I stopped by the road when I saw some poppies. Last summer I already had this idea in my head but never had the opportunity to take the right picture. This one gets close to the initial idea. The picture has been adjusted in Lightroom, end set to monochrome colours. Then I combined the monochrome image with te original image in Photoshop with the original on top of the monochrome. With the eraser I erased everything from the top layer except the red poppy. You see the result on the right. This is what I love about digital imaging. 15 years ago I used to get the same result by printing a black & white photo and then colouring with transparant ink. Hell of a job to achieve. And now the result is way better. I will try to scan some of the old photos that were ink coloured, and place them on the site. [shot with Canon 5D, 24-70mm f2.8, daylight, polarization filter]