Snails and bugs

macro-04-2009-204We had a wonderful weekend, with a lot of sunshine. So I grabbed the MP-E 65mm 1-5x macro lens and put down a plaid in the garden. There was a lot of activity on the ground and plenty of opportunities to practice with the MP-E.

I still find it very difficult to work with this lens but you know what they say, “practice, practice, practice!” The biggest problem that I encounter is that I find it hard to get the focus right. It is almost impossible to shoot living insects while using a tripod. And if you exceed the magnification of 2x it is almost impossible to shoot without a tripod.
macro-04-2009-135The first example is an ant that is examining a sugar grain. So you have an idea of the magnification. If you click on this photo you will enter the insects’ gallery. I still have this idea that I want to try with ants, but first I need more practise.

The second photo is a picture of a snail. I actually encountered two snails; the one with the house on its back was only 4 mm, while the other one was around 2 centimeters. So good material to practice on. If you click on this photo you will find the others in the snail gallery.

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