Review: Saal Digital

saal-1I got the opportunity to test a photobook printer by the name Saal Digital ( And I have to say, First impression is good. The book i received is of higher quality than expected. You need to download the editing software to your PC. Personally I am not in favour of print shops that use their own software. I rather use indesign or something similar.

But after a few hints and tips from the Saal support team I got on my way and managed to use it. Actually it was pretty easy to combine my photos into one book.saal-5


The book has been made with very thick pages which was new for me but i like it a lot. And the printing quality is above average so the book itself if nice. Below you find an example of the thick pages and how the back of the book looks like



The pages are bound in such a way the when you open the book that they are ‘falling open’ which gives you the opportunity to print two page photo’s without losing any of your image in the middle. And that is a feature that i like a lot. For an example look at the photo on the left above this text and the one below.


A point for improvement or whatever I should call it, a point that I didn’t like is the fact that the cover gets damages real easy (on the corners) and in my case with a black cover the which paper underneath it show real quick. (as you can see on the next photo)



So overal result:

So the book I ordered had 42 pages, size A4, and the price was €51,15 (excl €4,95 shipping)

Quality: 8

Service: 8

Price: 5

Delivery time: 7

Ease of use software: 6

Total: 6,8

Would I recommend this to a friend? In regards to service and quality? Yes! In regards to price and software? No! I normally use a different print shop, same quality, same service, way better prices. ( I have to admit I never printed a book with such thick pages, but i never had the urge to do so…..)

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