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zoomArticleSmoke-feb-2014-6 Last year magazine approached me if they could pubish one of my (older) images in their february 2014 issue. They were planning to write an article on smoke and water drop photography and they found one of my smoke photos online. I was trilled to get a publication in, so I agreed and after some formalities everything was arranged.

I already posted on facebook the photo which was going to be published, but I never posted the actual issue of due to all personal things. (link to gallery). For those not familiar with, it’s a monthly printed magazine for photo enthusiasts with a huge fanbase (online and offline).

Its a nice article and it can be found at the bottom of this post (unfortunately it is all in Dutch) Just click the images at the end.

zoomArticleSmoke-feb-2014-1 zoomArticleSmoke-feb-2014-2
The full article of february 2014 can be found here below.[Not a valid template]

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