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I tried, many, many times to get a publication on and now… my first publication on is a fact. I finally managed to get published and wow, does that makes me feel proud.

I submitted a self portrait from the bearded series which I made a week ago. After I received many good comments and critique on several other websites, I thought “what the heck” lets try on 1x. So I uploaded my ‘self portrait’ on and was hoping for the best. I discovered that they show you some sort of score while your photo is under curation and in the beginning it kept on 75%, not knowing if this was a good or bad thing I was just hoping for the best. Then I started to receive curator comments, which were kind of good but my score dropped under 65%, so what the hell was going on. Was I again missing the boat? And then out of the blue, I received an email congratulating me with my publication on

Looking at the comments I got on my other work form the same series I will be trying to still my hunger for more by submitting the others for curation also….

check this link for my publication on

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  1. Daar zet je je beste werk neer en daar gaan dan allemaal mensen hun oordeel over geven en als de meerderheid positief is dan wordt je werk voorgelegd aan een kleine groep mensen die dan beslissen over het wel of niet plaatsen op de site. Kortom verrekte lastig om doorheen te komen en het is me nu eindelijk gelukt ;-)

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