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Sometimes you take a picture and you know its the right shot, and sometimes you have a bad feeling during the photoshoot but after leaving the darkroom you discover that when you combine several photos that you have an excellent serie. On this page I will show you some of my best pictures and series.


94003004 94004006

First of all, a very emotional serie. When I was 19 my mother got breastcancer. A lot of greef and fear controlled our lives. And for some strange reason we both had the urge to capture this awfull moment. It took us 4 years to gather the guts to actually do it. And we are both very happy with the result. Regardless of the bad emotions there was also a lot of happiness and laughter. Hence the combination of the two photos. The end result is a serie of 4 photos which can be found in the main gallery. And my mom? she is still here, and still being my mom….

94009003 94009008

Another serie is “Dogs”, playing with them and chasing them on the beach was the fun part, cleaning the equipment afterwards was less fun. When I started to develop the first film in the darkroom, I saw some personallity in the dogs and that intregued me. I tried to see the dogs as humans with their own character. I decided to return to the beach and try to add some mistery to the images. I worked with long exposure times and used a flash to freeze the image.
The golden labrador is named Balder and he was my dog, Unfortunately he is no longer with me he died at the age of 14.

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