Nicki Staged – Gramophone

New shoot in the Nicki Staged series. This time we worked with the antique gramophone player. I was struggling with the light during this shoot because the horn is
made of shining brass and again I needed to light two faces.

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I have done a lot of additional work in Lightroom and Photoshop to get to this result. And it seems that I am already getting the right setting. I managed to get the same tone as in the previous shoot.

We also played a bit with additional props this time. The next shot we made with a stethoscope, and Nickita loved it to listen to the mechanism inside. I was hoping the that the combination of sound and stethoscope would work nice together. Everything was lit with a small flash, a studio head with grid and a regular studio head.

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For the final shot I was looking for the combination between old and new. And closing the generation gap. Nicki was actually asking me when we could play her CD. At the end she came to the conclusion that this was not possible because the hole in the center of her CD was too large for the pin on the gramophoneplayer – how sweet.

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Curious about the next shoot? Come back once in a while and I will keep you posted.

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