Studio shoot with Nicki

It is almost Nicki’s birthday, so it was time to shoot some photo’s that we could use for the birthday cards as we do every year. And it is always a joy to see how much fun Nickita has while we do a studio shoot and the way she tries to act. She even suggests props we can use or she asks me if I like some of her poses.

She has the most fun when she is trying different poses and starts to jump and twirl before the camera. I can’t deny that I am very curious about how the interaction will be next year. On the other hand I am hoping that the coming year will pass a little slower. I know that time flies when you are having fun but last year just flew by as a high speed train. Just a few more days and the little lady will be five years old.

please go to the photo gallery to see the other photo’s of this studio shoot.

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