New self portraits added

Due to the success of my new series I have spend extra time on editing some new self portraits and I just added these to the gallery. This series makes me hunger for more and especially because these photos were my entry ticket to I am still full with ideas and even started a similar setting with my daughter Nickita. Even my wife Joan is starting to talk about modeling for series in this style. I do hope you enjoy this as much as I do and please leave your comments to let me know your thoughts.

Below you find a few example, but just go to the gallery Selfportraits 2015 to see them all

4 thoughts on “New self portraits added

  1. post scriptum . the reason i only commented the first two is because somehow i feel they stand out . the rest is also work of high quality and amazing but they appear(atleast to me) to be more intensly edited afterwards. especialy the mamiya shot looks like a ‘bullseye’ shot without (much)afterwork and the pipe aswell.

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