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nicki-1jaar-8mnd-B-mrt10-087-Edit-2I always liked the idea of showing post processing results on my website via a mouseover script. And I finally found the right WordPress plugin to provide me with this option. “Image mouseover” by Tychay.

So the general idea is that you can show an Gallery 2 image on a WordPress post with a mouseover effect. See the example on the right. (just move your mouse over the photo to see the what I am talking about).

With this option it will be easier and more fun to show the difference between pre and post processing.

So to stick to the example on the right: Following the 7-point system by Scott Kelby I first corrected the white balance (WB) and added some Blacks in Lightroom. Opened the image in Photoshop and did some adjustments to the levels and curves (added more contrast). Upped the saturation (+9) and sharpened a little bit.

Then I created a layer mask which I used to darken and blur (Gaussian) the background.

I’m not completely satisfied with the result, so when I have some spare time I will retry the whole process.

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  1. Thanks. I hope the plugin actually is useful. I wasn’t expecting people to actually use it. XD

    In any case, when I have spare time (I work on, not, I’ll see what I can do about keeping the plugin up to date.

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