New HDRi photos added to gallery

diversen-03-2009-009 Sunday I took the car and went for a drive to the IJsselmeer. It was a beautiful day, clouds and a bright sun. So the right situation for a HDRi. Actually I was going to test my new Cokin P-007 (89B) Infrared filter, but more on that in a later article.

While I was driving through the flatlands of Holland I noticed this church in Nibbixwoud. A nice scenery for both IR and HDRi. Unfortunately there were also moments when it was raining. I did not notice this in time, so my lens got hit by a raindrop. But I still think the photos are worth showing you.

Later I arrived in Ursum where this lighthouse is located, again a nice setting for IR and HDRi. On my way back home I encountered a flower field with only white flowers. I was curious how this would work on HDR so again I parked my car. Click here to go to the gallery and see the results.


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