New commissioned work

img_0259-edit Today I finally added new commissioned work to my website. I did a wonderful shoot with one of my daughters best friend and her older sister and younger brother. Cassandra, Larissa, and Youri came to the studio for a family portrait (a x-mas gift) and it was so much fun to do. Especially because I know Larissa and it is fun to see how the chemistry between her and Nicki (my daughter) is.

img_0107-edit Again Dharam lend me his office space as studio and this time I had all the room for my self. A wonderful place to work with so many different walls and corners to set up your studio, without the need of a studio background.

Youri, the youngest gave me a hard time, He decided to follow his own plan for the day, but at the end I can say that I am satisfied with the result, and so was Monique (their mother).

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