New close-ups June 2009

moth-jun09-003 This month the weather was good enough to enjoy shooting outside and this gave me the opportunity to get some macro work done.

I managed to place a moth in my little terrarium so I had a few moments to get some shots.

spiderattack-jun09-006 Later that weekend I managed to capture a big spider. Joan started to feed him little insects which the spider enjoyed a
lot. Unfortunately the distance between the spider and its dinner was too large which made it impossible to shoot with my MP-E 65mm macro lens. The DOF was way beyond the lens’ limits.

The MP-E 65mm keeps amazing me, but I also still love my 100mm f/2.8 macro is still a favorite. I Also added some shots made with this lens to the gallery.

Insects gallery

Flowers gallery

[Canon 5D, MP-E 65mm and 100mm Macro, Macro flash]

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