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94063-014 When I was searching my old archives, I found some old favorites. I made this series during my time at the academy. I named it “Desperate Housewives”. The idea was to photograph beautiful women doing the household. While doing their chores they were showing the dissatisfaction with their lives.

94090-003 The shoots were made in my old student home. The old kitchen had the perfect setting. I had some other locations in mind, but this was not an assignment from my teachers and they kept me busy with other tasks, so I never managed to do more than these two shoots. I asked the models to dress up in black dresses, and not to wear shoes. (I can’t remember why) Personally I like the shots a lot and maybe I should find the time to finish the series.

[Photos were shot with a Mamiya 645, 80mm, on Ilford HP5, and then scanned from negative.]

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