Menorca 2013 Island trip

In 2013 we traveled to Menorca (Spain) with the four of us. My wife, my daughter, my foster son, and myself. And as usual I brought my gear to do some photography. Due to all different reasons we never had the time to go through the whole set to make a nice selection. So after two years I finally found the time to do so. 2013 - Menorca 2013-0144.jpg

2013 - Menorca 2013-0382-Edit.jpg And man, did I surprise myself. While I was editing I noticed that there was not the usual coherence which I normally see in my photos which I make during such a trip. Almost every edit was different and every subject I approached with a totally different view. So to be honest; I am not sure what to think of this collection myself and I am more then curious to your views and comments.

For example there are the standard touristic shots and my typical way of shooting portraits. There are the extreme underwater shots I (for some strange reason) tend to make while snorkeling with my daughter, souped up with bright HDR like techniques.

Sure, we did go to the zoo, and yes I did bring my close-up lens for some nice macro shots. I encountered some cool bugs, found some nice flowers and beautiful nature. But I also did some over the top street-photography. I loved the ‘festes de Sant Joan’ in Fornells, where they were riding the Menorquín horses following the Menorca tradition, and I loved the shopping streets in Ciutadella de Menorca.

If you go to the gallery – 2013 Menorca you will understand what I mean by the diversity of the images. It still stuns me why I came home with so many different types of photos. So please let me know what you think of it. All I know for sure is that we enjoyed Menorca a lot.

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