Mantis on Cyprus

[Not a valid template]While I was packing for our trip to Cyprus I doubted if I should bring my 100mm 1x Macro lens. I’m glad I did, because in the area surrounding our apartment there were a lot of mantises.
I never had seen one before in real life and at first I was real careful, not knowing if I would scare them or if they would scare me…

As soon as I approached them, they would turn their head into my direction so I had to move slowly otherwise they would flee. I was amazed by their appearance and it was a joy to photograph them. Especially because it looked like they were looking you straight into your eyes.

I only brought my Speedlight so no macro flash. So the lighting is not what I hoped for.

The only option I had was to equip my omni bounce and hope that the light would spread enough. This was not always the case but luckily I also had some good results.

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[Canon 5D, 100mm f/2.8, no flash]

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