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makeamemory-logoSince a couple of weeks I photograph for a foundation called ‘Make a Memory’,

‘Make a Memory’ is a Dutch foundation that is photographing at the request of parents and with mediation of health professionals, critically or terminally ill and deceased children at the age of 23 weeks (gestation) through seventeen.

With the help of a nationwide network of over 140 professional photographers, photos are made at home or in the hospital. The parents receive shortly afterwards a booklet with five prints and a DVD with all photos in high resolution.

The pictures give parents comfort and a lasting memory and can help significantly in the treatment of their loss. The photographers work selflessly and their work stands out in a positive sense and technical quality of the photos that make hospital staff and parents themselves.

For the parents, there is no costs involved for these photos and booklet of Make a Memory. All expenses are paid by sponsors, donations, gifts and other lawful income. Make a Memory is available day and night and is committed to a daily 24-hour availability of photographers.

In the last couple of weeks I was called three times already. The first time I was not able to make it in time so they asked another photographer. The second and third call I was available, so I drove to the hospital for my first shoot of ‘Make a Memory’. Darn that was though, the 45 minutes drive was very emotional for me because I started to put my own life into perspective. But the moment I arrived at the hospital, I was able to switch to ‘professional’ mode and met some wonderful people in a very sad situation. The same happened the last second time when I was asked to drive to home of the parents to do the shoot. But both times I drove home with such a wonderful feeling that I was able to help these people with my photography, opposite to being commercial or extremely controversial as a photographer. I am not going into much detail any further but if you feel the same about this as I do, and you think you can also give something to this foundation, then please do not hesitate to go to their website – Make a Memory

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