Jill Greenberg effect

I found an article about the Jill Greenberg effect on the interweb and never realized that it was an actual named effect. I did recognize the type of photography but never combined it with the name Jill Greenberg. I liked it a lot and so I decided to try it for myself. Looked for a nice tutorial but found only a few that were exaggerating the effect and by doing so completely missing the main goal. So I combined a bit of everything into the first try-out. Not bad if I may say so myself. Nicki 6jaar 7mnd A [187] 2015-0200-Edit

So what is it, the Jill Greenberg effect, in short a nice halo in the background, shiny highlights, dark sharp shadows, and kill the saturation, but then all a bit more sophisticated. I would suggest to google “Jill Greenberg effect” and you will find plenty of examples and tutorials. As far as I understand the original
effect is done with lightning and photoshop, but you can get pretty far with just photoshop. For more work of Jill Greenberg, just visit her website. http://www.jillgreenberg.com/

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