Is it an U.F.O.?

ufo-4 The answer is yes…., or actually I should say no.

The object in this photo is not flying but hanging on a wooden stick by it’s power cable. And therefore it has been identified.

What you are looking at is a wheel cap which I found on the street, rigged with Christmas lights, dangling on a wooden stick outside the window of my old student home in Rotterdam.

This shot is an old analog negative which I found while I was scanning the year 1993 for my archive. It was made for an art school assignment. I can’t remember what the actual assignment was. Al I remember was it had to do something with flying. But I liked the image enough to show it here on

So to get things straight, no photoshop edit other than removing dust and scratches….

Click on the photo to see the large version and see a few more photo’s in the gallery from the same shoot.
[shot with Nikkormat on Ilford FP4, 125 asa]

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