HDR in Cyprus

_MG_4558_59_60While we were in Cyprus I was looking for a subject to test my new mini travel tripod from Redged. This little tripod is only 20 centimeters when folded and is strong enough to hold my 5D with battery grip. I bought it with a mini ball head which is also strong enough for my 5D.
But the question was still unanswered, what to do?

On Cyprus there are many locations that have a rocky landscape or even caves. Also many monasteries and churches can be found. All good subjects for HDR.

So I tried some different locations, some worked better than others, but I had some good results. My main issue is to get the right settings in Photomatix and Adobe Photoshop. Sometimes I get it completely wrong, and once in a while (when I am lucky) I get it right. So I still need to practice more.

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