Curacao misty water HDR

Curacao2010-1625 While visiting Curacao during our holiday, I had the perfect opportunity to experiment with long exposures and try to get the misty water effect. An effect of which I am a huge fan. I also wanted to combine this effect with another effect, HDR. So I needed long exposures and at least three of them for each photo.

Before we left I have been thinking about buying a variable ND filter, but after reading many reviews on the internet, and learning that the Fader ND from Light Craft Workshop wouldn’t work with most of my Canon lenses and the Singh-Ray was way above my budget, I decided that I should be able to do without.

Curacao2010-1631 I have to say that I wished I had more cash to buy the Singh-Ray filter, because I did miss it. An on the other hand, the people a Light Craft were telling me that they were working on a new version of their filter, but I didn’t know if that would fix my problems (showing a black cross on wide angle Canon lenses) and it would not ship before our departure date so that was no option.

So I had my tripod set on the beach and tried to block some light with my Cokin ND filters. Unfortunately they have a purple color cast so I didn’t try to combine two of these (which will intensify the color cast). You can adjust the white balance to minimize the color cast but you can only do so much. So I ended up with only one Cokin ND8 filter and at the end I achieved 30 seconds for the +2 stop shot on the smallest aperture.

Curacao2010-1633_4_5 But only 2,5 seconds for the -2 stop shots. And 2,5 seconds is just too short for the nice misty (long exposure) effect.
So all I could do was hope that combining the the 30 sec. exposure with the 2,5 sec. and the 15 sec. exposure during the HDR process would solve my problem. And at the end it dis, but I am still convinced that I would achieve better results if I can extend the exposure times. So maybe I need to save more money, or set my hopes on the new Mark II filter form the guys at Light Craft. So more reviews to read.

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