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nicki-1jaar0mnd-jun09-006 Just a tryout with my 16-35mm lens and flash while my daughter was eating a sandwich with apple syrup. (one of her favorites). I love the (slight) fisheye effect that the 16mm produces on my full frame Canon 5D. And I really like the fill-in effect caused the flash.

nicki-1jaar0mnd-jun09-013 Basically the same technique I used while I was shooting Nicki with her sandbox toys in the garden. Set (in manual mode) the right exposure for the surrounding on your camera, and you the flash (also in manual mode) to make sure that you light your subject correctly. You can leave the flash on ETTL (auto mode), but I prefer to have full control over my camera and flash.

Next day I tweaked some settings in Adobe lightroom (exposure, clarity, and vibrance) to give it a little bit a vintage look.
Click here to see the larger version and the other photos from the same series.

[Canon 5D, 16-35mm, Flash]

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