_MG_5815-EditI have been playing with water and flowers (again). I love how these little water drops act as lenses.

Equipped my Canon 5D with the MP-E 65mm and handheld the 580EX mark II connected to my 5D with the new E-TTL off shoe cable.

Got the plant spray and started to spay some sunflowers. Behind the sunflowers I placed some Spanish daisies. Everything ready to go.

The trick is to make sure that you get enough light on the flower that you are looking at trough the water drop while you also have sufficient light to light your foreground. Focus trough the water drop and your done. Be aware that the drop actually acts as a lens so everything will be upside-down. And they act as a wide angle lens so make sure you get your background cleaned up. (Something I tend to forget once in a while)

In the gallery you will also find some other shots from the same session. Hope you like them.

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