Fire in the sky

Once in a while I like to bring my camera while I am driving to work. I know it is not the safest way to photograph (you know; moving vehicle, both hand on the steering wheel, focus on the road, etc.) But there are these days you have this gut feeling that you will encounter something on the road that you should not miss. During this time of the year we have the most beautiful skies here in the Netherlands. When I woke up there was already a hint of orange that might predict nice skies. So I grabbed my Canon 5D, 50mm f/1.4 prime and stepped in the car.

Canon EOS 5D-IMG_4731 And I was not mistaken, after driving for a while the sun started to rise and this produced the most beautiful Dutch skies you can imagine. I am not saying that i shot the most beautiful Dutch landscapes or clouds or anything else close to that. Nope just the color in the sky was so wonderful.

Canon EOS 5D-IMG_4732 Of course driving (moving), camera-shake (low light conditions) and miss-aimed shots (shooting while driving) aren’t the best ingredients for a great shot. But somehow I managed to get these (lucky) shots and I must admit, I like them in a weird kind of way. I cannot tell you if this has to do due to the fact that they are ‘my’ shots, or because I just like the weirdness of them.

Canon EOS 5D-IMG_4733 I know the shot are not focussed correctly, and composition could be a lot better but if you look at them and deal with them as being abstract it is a whole different ballgame.

Canon EOS 5D-IMG_4739 I am curious what you think of them. Can you accept them as art, or just as fun shot/snapshots, of maybe you have a different way of looking at them.

The last two shot were taken on a later moment while the sun was already showing more of itself.

Canon EOS 5D-IMG_4753 But they still showed how beautiful mother nature can be. As a photographer who is not afraid of making his hands dirty on tools like Adobe Photoshop or Niksoft, I do realize that once in a while you must leave it all to mother nature. She is more then capable to create wonderful colors herself. The shots you see here have only the following adjustments. (cropped, bit more contrast to increase focus and correction on exposure due to the fact I was not paying attention to my camera settings (smile)

Canon EOS 5D-IMG_4766 More can be found in this gallery

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