Creation of last project 50mm photo (before and after)

For my last entry of the project 50mm shot I wrote that I used a group portrait. But actually it is a composite created using 3 different portraits. See below

I combined the three portraits in Photoshop and then processed t in Lightroom, you can see the difference below with the before and after.


Just to show you a bit of my workflow.

5 thoughts on “Creation of last project 50mm photo (before and after)

  1. Nice merge . Hard to believe it’s 3 single portraits combined , but if you say it is then i guess it must be
    The spots where the girls ‘touch’ throws me off , It truly looks like they are all there together at the same time.

  2. p.s.
    The sharpening also looks amazing .
    Even though i’m a fan of some blur in portraits
    (the ‘dave hammilton’ or the ‘miss elly’ effect)
    this sharpness and highgrade definition is very nice :)

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