Corus Steel IJmuiden in HDR

tonemapped-noisereducedexportYesterday after work I decided to make a little trip to the lock gates of IJmuiden and take some photos of Corus Steel IJmuiden from the outside (due to the fact that it is forbidden to take photographs within the gates). While standing on the lock gates of IJmuiden I noticed that the light was to extreme to take a well balanced picture.

With no tripod at hand I decided to shoot a HDR (3 shots) out of my hand. And give the latest version of Photomatix a test run. (click on the thumbnail to see the result)

There was a lot of noise in the picture (very disappointing due to the fact it was shot on only 400 iso) so I also let Noise Ninja do it’s work and personally I am pleased with the result. So one of the earlier menthioned project finally has been started.

I also tried a panorama.
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But in this photo there are too much alignment problems so I need to go back and start using a tripod.

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