Old Favorites

Another old favorite from 1996, this time I chose a diapositive which was processed by a technique called cross processing. Actually that is developing a diapositive the wrong way, using developer chemicals for normal film, which give all different kind of results depending on the type and brand of film used and also on the brand of developer chemicals you use. Please let me know what you think of it via the comments. .

Old school, very old school. As in 25 years old. I have been scanning my old negatives and I have almost finished. (15 years of analog photography, including my years at the academy. In total up to 16000 negatives.) It brings back old memories. When I was twelve years old, my neighbor introduced me to photography. His main subject was trains and trams, and for me as a young boy that was an interesting subject. He also taught me everything about processing film and developing prints. But my first official encounter with a SLR (Praktica B100) and home developed film was when the pope visited my home country. I actually never had the change to take a picture of the pope but it was a great adventure, and I was caught by the magic that happened in the darkroom and got infected with the photo-virus. Click on the years to see the galleries (I have added 1984 and 1985)

When I was searching my old archives, I found some old favorites. I made this series during my time at the academy. I named it “Desperate Housewives”. The idea was to photograph beautiful women doing the household. While doing their chores they were showing the dissatisfaction with their lives. The shoots were made in my old student home. The old kitchen had the perfect setting. I had some other locations in mind, but this was not an assignment from my teachers and they kept me busy with other tasks, so I never managed to do more than these two shoots. I asked the models to dress up in black dresses, and not to wear shoes. (I can’t remember why) Personally I like the shots a lot and maybe I should find the time to finish the series. [Photos were shot with a Mamiya 645, 80mm, on Ilford HP5, and then scanned from negative.]

Sometimes you take a picture and you know its the right shot, and sometimes you have a bad feeling during the photoshoot but after leaving the darkroom you discover that when you combine several photos that you have an excellent serie. On this page I will show you some of my best pictures and series.   First of all, a very emotional serie. When I was 19 my mother got breastcancer. A lot of greef and fear controlled our lives. And for some strange reason we both had the urge to capture this awfull moment. It took us 4 years to gather the guts to actually do it. And we are both very happy with the result. Regardless of the bad emotions there was also a lot of happiness and laughter. Hence the combination of the two photos. The end result is a serie of 4 photos which can be found in the main gallery. And my mom? she is still here, and still being my mom…. Another serie is “Dogs”, playing with them and chasing them on the beach was the fun part, cleaning the equipment afterwards was less fun. When I started to develop the first film in the darkroom, I saw some personallity in the dogs and that intregued me. I tried to see the dogs as humans with their own character. I decided to return to the beach and try to add some mistery to the images. I worked with long exposure times and used a flash to freeze the image. The golden labrador is named Balder and he was my dog, Unfortunately he is no longer with me he died at the age of 14.

Since I bought my film scanner, I’m re-living my past. Between the 10.000 negatives I have, there are so many images that I cannot even remember that I have seen them. So I’m exploring my own archives. And now being older I see new photos that I have missed 15 years ago. I’m using a Epson scanner (F-3200), which can also scan the 120 films and framed dia-positives. The quallity is superb and the machine is relatively fast. It still cost a huge amount of time to scan the filmstrips, but I think it’s worth it. Not only for the joy of seeing your old pictures but olso to ensure that they don’t get lost. So I’m able to show some photo’s that would have stayed on film because of the lack of a good darkroom. Follow the link to my main gallery If you are looking for scans you need to go to the old galleries like ‘Old School’ and ‘Pre School’ Still scanning the old negatives, but it is a lot of work so i need to be patient.

I  started photography when I was eleven years old. My first photos were about experimenting and learning the first steps. So basically they look very shitty. Personaly I get a huge smile when I look at these pictures and some of them bring back nice memories. This is the main reason why I want to share these photos with you. To get a look at the pictures click on the photo to enter the “pre-school” gallery. All the pictures that you will find here are scanned with my film scanner, so image quallity is poor. But it will give you an idea how everything started.

During my time at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy I made most of my photo’s. They were made before the digital era, and therefore it will take a long time before I have them scanned from film. So I will try to publish them in small amounts at the following link. While studying at the academy I was on journey trying to discover what kind of photography I prefered. So you will find many different styles and subjects. And some series are just based on a task set by the teacher. At the end I had to say that I enjoyed making portraits the most. And for me there was no difference between human subjects or animals. If I look at my current photos I have to admitt that I prefer animals above human portraits. I asume that this also has to do with the travels we make.