And another week of my photo challenge Project 50mm. Week 14 already, it is passing by faster than I could imagine and so far it was very easy to get the weekly shots. This week we did just some relaxed shots for project 50mm while we were sitting at the dinner table. Just being relaxed and laughing. And most of all it is good to see my mom getting back on he feed. The funny thing is that it get harder every week to make a single selection. The longer we are doing this the better the possible candidates get, and the more difficult to choose. Nicki Joan Betty

After I shot the first photo of Nickita, my daughter for my new project – Project 50mm. I realized that for me it would be even more challenging and also more interesting to not only shoot photo’s off Nicki for this project, but use the most important women in my live for this project. My daughter, my wife and my mother (not in this particular order). It would also be interesting because not only they all have their own, very typical, facial expressions, but also due to the fact that that they span three generations. The one that preceded me, my own generation, and the one that will succeed me. My mother, my wife and my daughter. I have discussed and explaing my project to all of them and the three of them all agreed in helping me out. So the project has started for real now and the first results can be found in the previous post.

Have been thinking for a while now to start a new project. I do know that I am not the right guy for a 365 day challenge. I know for sure that I would annoy the hell out of my family if I would be walking around with my camera every single day for a whole year. And on top of that during workdays it would not be that interesting to document. So I looked on the inter-web and found some nice other challenges. Project 52 / 50mm There are projects based on subject, like your family, object in your life, or even more abstract things like doors you find beautiful. So many possibilities to choose from – so it will be hard to pick one. There are project based on list that people put together – not my kind of thing to do other peoples fantasies. And of course there are the projects I thought of my self way back but which never actually got of the ground. So what to do? After a few thoughts I came to the conclusion that I should do the best of all of them. So combine a time-frame, set duration, a subject, a specific technique, and make it a challenge. So I came up with Project 50mm. A variation on a Project 52 challenge. Every week, for 52 weeks (1 year), make a photo of my daughter (a family member), with my 50mm prime lens on my DSLR, and don’t dare to miss a single week. I actually got challenged on Facebook by one of my friends, to shoot one photo per day showing your life for 5 days. The problem was that I have so many series the show 5 days of my life that this would not be challenging enough. […]

What do you mean taking photo’s on a consistent basis. Just noticed that we took almost the same amount of photos per year of our daughter with exception of the first year. Just funny to notice. (See print screen from my lightroom libary. 5th year just started)

An annual tradition is to create our own personal christmas card, we always used our cat as main character, but since our daughter was born, she is the new main character. We made two variations. A small version that will be send via analog mail, and a large version that will be ditributed electronically. The first version is a clean version without text balloons. And the second version with text balloons. So a merry christmas and a happy new year to you all.

Way too many ideas and no time, there are so many cool projects that I want to start, but it looks impossible to find the time to actually get started. HDR combined with stacking photographs Alright, I still need the perfect HDR shot but I also want to combine this with stacking. Basically what it comes down to is that you shoot on a busy location for an HDR photo and with stacking you eliminate all moving object. Scale model photography Use H0 scale models (used for the model trains sceneries) to created your own set-up and situation. Too many ideas in my head, but the main idea is that it needs to be humorous situations. Or situations that are impossible in a real world. Fake scale model photography Okay this is the opposite of the above. And actually this is pretty cool. You take a real life photo and make it look like if you shot a photo of scale models. So you let a real photo look like a fake situation. This all is done via several manipulations with Photoshop or a similar tool. Planet shaped 360 degree photography. When you shoot a panorama photo that covers 360 degrees horizontal and 180 degrees vertical you will be able manipulate this in Photoshop and give a planet shape. (Google on: ‘360 degrees photography planet’, and you will find several examples) Macro photography (Insects) This is pretty straight forward, close-up photography of insects. I am still chasing that perfect macro shot. Funny thing is that I have this idea in my head of shooting ants. But the shitty thing is that we do not have ants in our garden. And I refuse to use and methods that hurt or harm animals (like putting them in the fridge or freezer) So […]

After my time at the academy, I stopped photographing for a while. due to many different factors. When I was introduced to digital photography I discovered that I was still enjoying it very much. Thanks to the internet we can now share our work the easy way with the rest of the world. And so am I. The result is this webgallery. The complete collection can be found in my main gallery. This gallery can be accessed via several links that can be found on the other pages, but if you are impatient you can enter the the gallery from this page. But then you will miss out on the introductions and highlights. In the gallery you will only find photos and no text. To enter the main gallery, please click on the image

Having a Canon Digital IXUS, gives me the possibility to take pictures anywhere, anytime. I love to have this camera with me. And take pictures of unknown situations and places. Besides that it also gives you the oppertunity to photograph everything that you want to be remembered. Without thinking about light, composition, and technique. In other words just plain and simple snapshots. I think that some of them are worth sharing with you so if you are interested click in the photo to enter the snapshot gallery In this gallery you will also find pictures that were taken randomly so I had difficulty placing them in one of the other galleries.

Since I have bought my first digital camera I started to pick up photography again. Now I’m back at my old level and enjoying it again, so when possible I’ll take my camera with me. And without the limitations of expensive film, you can make a lot of images. Fire During the summer its a delight to sit outside next to the waterside and light a fire. One night we had this special log that you could lit and it would burn from the inside out. After playing with it for a while is decide to get my camera and here you find the result. Monkey Business One day Joan and I had this great oppertunity to photographs these monkeys. We really enjoyed ourselves. After a while the smaller ones had to balls to approach us and that resulted in a loss of equipment, they just stole it out the camerabag, so we ended up chasing them, without result. (I do hope they will find a good use for that sunhood…..) But hey at the end it was worth it. I love the animal photos. it is always a joy to work with them. Garden live Since we moved to our current house it’s the first time that we have a garden. And every summer its a thrill to see what grows and how the plants and flowers evolve. But sometimes you discover an unwanted guesst. Regardless how beautiful he is. And we are getting used to the spiders, maybe seeing how they build is nest makes it bearable. In the main gallery you find more pictures of our garden.