Today I did two studio shots with Nickita, my daughter. The last one was just a test with my new radio transmitter and receiver for my flash units. Always fun to play with light and colors. Check the gallery to see the other shots.  

Did a shot as an example for the workshop “Trick Photography” at my daughters school. A floating photo of a (in my humble opinion, impossible) yoga pose.   Four days with 6 kids from 11 years till 12 years old, teaching them how to make a trick photo. The main focus is on the creative process and not on the technical side of photography. I was hoping that they would start to think out of the box. And man o man you got to love the imagination of a child. In other words – success!

Once in a while you just walk into a setting that you can’t ignore. We were visiting the American Motorcycle Museum in Raalte when we encountered this old tractor, which is for sale by the way. The kids started to climb it and we took some shots. My eye fell on a little stool next to the barn, so before we knew it we were make floating photos. It was the first time for Mart to pose but he enjoyed it. And of coarse I couldn’t ignore Nickita, so she climbed on the tractor too as you can see in the shot below. For those curious how this was done, check my previous articles on floatation photos. Regarding the work done on these shot; mainly they we both edited the same way. I did the floating trick, added motion blur to the background, added radial blur to the wheels with Adobe Photoshop and spiced them up a bit in Adobe Lightroom. Both were shot with my Canon G12 and without tripod (had to use a fencepost for stability)

Again my daughter and I went outside with a new idea which included our little stool. This time we went to Geestmerambacht with the intension to make a fairy version of our floatation series. While we were shooting next to the lake, with lousy light and hazy skies we came to the idea to place the stool underwater, just below the water level. For a little five year old a bit scary to be on a small stool that isn’t visible but at the end all went well. She was walking on water. For those who have missed the previous series where we have already developed the floating or hovering concept I wrote a brief tutorial (to be found here) how to achieve this special effect. If you understand how this is done there are many ideas that you can execute. You can use the same technic when you want someone to walk on water. In our case we placed the stool in such a way that it was just below the water surface. Due to the ripples in the water the stool was visible in some cases, but that could be fixed easily. More on that later. In the examples below I never shot a photo without the stool. Due to the fact that the stool was underwater, there was no need to hide/remove the stool. So my base photo is with stool. Because it was not a very sunny nor bright day, (lousy light and hazy sky) I thought the image was lacking something. There is no umpf. So I decided to spice the image with some HDR. I only had I photo so I had to multiply the image. I created 7 different versions with Adobe Lightroom all with 1 stop difference. (-3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, […]

For a while I am walking with this idea in my head to create a book, a photo book of coarse. I already got a theme and some ideas on the type of photography. Below you will find an sample of the first test shots. In the near future I will explain the whole idea, but for now you will have to do with some teasers, and a working title – Phantoms

The first shoot where I tried the floating concept (or should I say hovering?). My daughter and I had a lot of fun creating these trick photography photo’s. Wondering how we did it? – just place your mouse over the large image to see the un-edited version. After shooting we went straight home (to warm up and) to see the result. After a few tweaks in Adobe Lightroom we were both satisfied with the end result. The whole idea is that you support your subject with something that  distincts from its surroundings, so in my case the green stool. This can be easily removed in an image editing program like Adobe Photoshop. Make sure you place your camera on a tripod and make the shot. Then remove the subject and the stool without altering the rest. So in the above example we needed to be careful not to leave footprints in the snow or bump against the sled. Take a second shot (without the little lady and stool) and in Photoshop you load both photos. Place the one with the subject in it on top of the other. Use your favorite tool to remove (erase) the green stool from the top image. And as if it’s magic you will see it disappear. (In other words the image in the back will show where the stool was. And because you used a tripod it will not differ from the top image. In my case I was careless and I needed also the remove the pulling rope which was tied to the sled. As you can notice I also had to created (draw) the missing parts of the black pants of Nicki otherwise her legs wouldn’t look natural. To top it off I also extended the scarf, and added shadow on the […]

A while ago I have been working on an old concept. (I just realised that I also need to place those photos as well (will do tomorrow)) The concept is about floating, and in this particular case, it is my 4yrs old daughter who will be doing the floating (flying, hovering, or whatever you want to call it). Above you can hover with your mouse over the image and you will see the before and after versions My first edit was the one here on the right. After toying with it for a while I can to the conclusion it still needed a few things. So I kept fiddling until I came to the result here above. I especially like the movement that I added to the image. For this I used Adobe Photoshop and added radial blur to the wheels and motion blur to the background. When done I re-imported the photo into Adobe Lightroom so I could make the last adjustments. (vibrance, clarity, and white balance) As added bonus we also brought the sled. And this became the prop for the next shot, which you can see here on the left. We used the same technique as before. But more about that later on.

Have been playing around with Adobe Photoshop to get a new look and feel for my next project. And am still not convinced what road to follow. Feel free to let me know what you like best. Color or the old fashion Black and White? Just leave a comment. Click here to go to the gallery (I also included the originals so you see what was changed) [Canon G12, with flash]

Been playing with something else, virtual 3D images. What you basically do is take a photograph, cut it in to several layers and use Adobe After Effect to create a ‘fake’ 3D effect. By doing so you get a movie file instead of a photo. Click on the play button below to see an example. I rather call it a 3D cutout because I think it is a better description for the end result. Anyhow I like the effect a lot and more will follow. [flashvideo filename=https://www.frozentimes.net/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/IMG_2173_2_1.flv width=680 height=480 /]

Been playing with something new – cinemagraphs, a photo with a litte bit extra. Cinemagraphs are photographs with a subtle moving element in it. Originally the idea was created by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg. On their website you will find some very beautiful examples (http://cinemagraphs.com). For me this was the first tryout and I still see many hurdles to take before I get the image that I want. But hey practice makes perfect. Just let me know what you think of this one.

Just some experimenting within Lightroom. I did like the result so I wanted to share them here, click on the photos to see a larger version. Or just go to the gallery. More experiments to follow soon

I just realized that I never published anything about my new water drop setup. So here it is. I have been busting my head for a long time on how to get around the issue of spending way too much money on an expensive drip installation and an electric trigger system. And finally I saw the light. I needed a medical drip. So I started my search on the net and it took me a while to realize that it was a quest with no end. III asked around if someone knew somebody that had access to medical supplies. But no luck. Finally I found a website here in Holland that would sell drips to private an address. But only the drip system and not the bags that you need to fill up with liquid. I decided that I would figure something out and ordered two sets. When I received the package I opened it as soon as possible and examined the system. Never paid any attention to stuff like this so did not know what to expect. Luckily one end had a thick sharp end, and I figured that I would be able to push this thru the cap of a lemonade bottle. And so I did. I filled the bottle with water and found out that it was not working. I took a while to realize that I needed an extra hole in the other end of the bottle to let air in. And guess what, I had a system that produced drips that I could regulate. So still no trigger system. I decided to go with the old fashion system – good luck. See below for my first umbrella drops. Next phase will be to get the lighting right and the background / color. So still more […]