Castlefest 2016

Castlefest 2016! This year was my first visit to Castlefest. We have been to Elf fantasy (Elfia) and other festivals before but never to Castlefest. So we didn’t know what to expect. And we loved it. The weather was good, the crowd was nice and the whole atmosphere was superb. (the only things that annoyed us were the high prices (for just everything)).

I brought my Canon 5D mkII with 70-200 mm and started shooting all the nice costumes. After a bit I felt that I needed to be more in the face and switch to my 50mm f/1.2. But it was already late in the day and we were getting tired, so I have to say that I missed a great deal of good shots. But on the other hand, I was there for some good time with friends and family and not to work the whole day.

At the end there are more than enough nice shots to show for. So please have a look in the gallery below.

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