Canon WP DC14 Underwater housing

wp-dc14_3_big I finally took the step and bought my underwater housing for m y compact camera. I own a Canon Digital IXUS 75. For this camera Canon offers a underwater house of the shelf.

Until now I only used it once but I love the whole concept of experimenting with underwater photography. And especially now, since I started to swim with my baby daughter, it will offer me many opportunities for great shots. I am totally convinced by that.

In the past I use to buy one of those disposable underwater cams, but now in the digital era it is good to own a digital version.

When you buy the underwater housing, it comes completely with straps, flash diffuser, silicon gel, o-ring and manual. So you can start straight away. First shot I made was one in the sink to make sure it was really, really waterproof. (40 meters, as stated in the manual). The day after I took it to the swimmingpool. But more on that in a later article.





  • The nice thing is that all the features are still accessible and function.
  • At first it is scary to use your camera underwater, but after you have seen that it actually keeps the water out, it gives you a comfortable feeling when you know your camera is safe and protected
  • It is a complete package, no need for accessories.



  • You need to remove the wrist cord from the camera when you place it in de underwater housing. And because we always carry it on our wrist this is a little bit annoying.
  • The price, the underwater house is actually more expensive then the camera. I was lucky that I could order it in the United States which was a huge price difference. (220,- EUR vs. 115,- EUR)



It looks like a solid underwater sollution, and in my opinion worth to buy it. (if you have the option to buy in the United States, and ship it to Europe.) I can’t wait to start working with it. Results will be posted soon… and if I really like it I probably will create an underwater gallery…

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