Another experiment – Virtual 3D

Been playing with something else, virtual 3D images. What you basically do is take a photograph, cut it in to several layers and use Adobe After Effect to create a ‘fake’ 3D effect. By doing so you get a movie file instead of a photo. Click on the play button below to see an example.

I rather call it a 3D cutout because I think it is a better description for the end result. Anyhow I like the effect a lot and more will follow.
[flashvideo filename= width=680 height=480 /]

One thought on “Another experiment – Virtual 3D

  1. Leuk! Zowel de 3d cutout als de bewegende foto’s. Ik ben erg happy met m’n 3d camera, levert leuke plaatjes op die je idd ook als ‘filmpje’ kan bekijken. Het wachten is nog even op betere 3d displays, maar die komen er aan…

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