52/52 project 50mm – The End!

A year ago I started with my 52 weeks photo project, “project 50mm”.
Make a photo:

  • once every week
  • of my three most favorite ladies in my life
  • for a whole year
  • with the use of only my old Canon 5d mk1,
  • and my Canon 50mm f/1.4 prime lens.


And after a whole year we are done. Only for the last week (this week) I did it a bit different. instead of shooting three portraits I decided to use a group portrait for the last week. A shot with smiling faces, and for me that is the best possible ending. When I started this project all our lives were quite different. We were saying goodbye to my mother due to a very aggressive cancer, my wife was dealing with me (and the care of our foster kid) and my daughter had to deal with saying goodbye to her grandmother, her foster brother and had to deal with a very sad father. Luckily, now, one year later my moms cancer had been removed and against all odds the doctors are very positive. Our foster kid has found a new place that suits him better, my daughter is happy that her grandmother is still with us, and that het foster brother had found a nice new family. And Joan my wife…. sometimes it looks like she can deal with anything. She still is my tower of strenght and she helped me, my mom and our daughter through the last year.

So here my project ends, after 52 weeks, one year. So what did it bring me? I definitely improved my skills with the 50mm prime lens. I developed a new style of processing my photos, which resulted in a different way of processing my black and white work. And I saw my mom at least once a week. So it was definitely worth all the work. And I know for sure that I will start missing it. So maybe I can come up with a new project….

So Nicki, Joan, Betty, thank you so much for posing for me every single week for the last year, and thank you for being part of my life!

Nicki, Joan, Betty

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One thought on “52/52 project 50mm – The End!

  1. Dag topper vreselijke foto s ,ligt niet aan mijn topper,maar zo was ik, de laatste foto is mn lievelings foto wauwww krijg ik die svp ook thuis enig liever bedank je prive voor alles, denk dat je zegt,j, e heb het overleefd mam

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