4th publish on 1x.com

Today I received an email telling me I managed to get the 4th photo published on 1x.com. Who would have imagined that. Again it is a photo from my bearded series, but this time it was a shot from the second session. I am still waiting if they also accept another photo which I shot of Nickita. I would be nice to see a photo on that website which does not show my face for once.

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 18.32.36.png

I am still working on many other ideas,, but I know for sure that I am going to stick to my new way of processing. Not only because I love it but also due to the fact others seem to like it.

Below the photo that was accepted by the curators.

selfportrait 2015-2-25.jpg

Follow this link to go to my profile on 1x.com

UPDATE: 10th of April 2015
This photo is today on the ‘popular’ flow on the home page. How cool is that.

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