49/52 project 50mm

The last month of Project 50m. After this week, three more weeks and we are done. This week I went back to my initial way of developing the photos for project 50mm, and I have to admit that I still like it a lot. A bit of crunch and and bit harsh but it is a style that suits me. Once I am done with project 50mm I will explain how I am developing these shots in Lightroom and what settings I use. For now it is still my little secret.

So this weeks shots only have one thing in common and that is that they all show hands close to the face, so nothing spectacular. I have to admit that we all are pretty much done with this project, but so close to the end the only thing we can do is finish it…


project50mm-Nicki, wk49


project50mm-Joan, wk49


project50mm-Ma, wk49

The gallery with the other photos can be found here

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