46/52 project 50mm

Good news, so a happy grandmother. “Omie” (my mother) went to hospital for her checkup and was told that there is no need to come back to this doctor. So that is another chapter that we can close. To celebrate we spend the whole day together and for some strange reason she was very eager to eat a ‘Big mac’ from McDonalds. Her first Big Mac ever. And I’ve got to tell you, that it was very disappointing. But hey you life only once. At the mean while the other girls were very busy with getting everything ready for our short holiday. So this weeks entries are very contrasting. On one side a very happy mother and on the other side two concentrated, busy, and focussed girls. Personally I am very happy with this week shots for project 50mm.


project50mm-Nicki, wk46.jpg


project50mm-Joan, wk46.jpg


project50mm-Ma, wk46.jpg

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