45/52 project 50mm

Photo Challenge, Project 50mm, week 45, just 7 more weeks and I finished a whole year. The first time ever I did a project (photo challenge) that would run for a year. And I have to admit it is hard. I was thinking last week about doing another year with my new 85mm but first of all, I know for sure my mom and my wife will say no to another year posing every single week. My daughter wouldn’t mind, because she is not used to a life without a camera.

This weeks shots, first Nicki while eating her salad, then Joan my wife while behind her laptop, figuring something out about my moms diet. And last but not least, my mom, trying to figure out her diet ;-). So for this weeks photo challenge, only shots without direct eye contact. And it seems to work. At least for me, normally I always try to capture the look, because I think this gives a photo more personality, but while looking at the photos below I now realize that this is not mandatory.


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The gallery with the other photos can be found here

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