40/52 project 50mm

Week 40 already, time is passing quickly while having fun they say, and how true is that. Almost missed this week due to the fact my mom was not feeling vibrant enough to join us for the weekly dinner date that we have. But I still managed to get the shots for this week in. Back to my old style that I used to use for Project 50mm. I was a bit distracted by the new style that I have been using for my new Bearded Selfies project but I still manage to be true to the original style. So for me it is a good exercise and to make sure I can deal with different styles at the same time.

This weeks entries for project 50mm, Mom was shot at her house during daylight and the other girls were shot later that day in the kitchen after dinner. So again different light settings which causes a bit of a mismatch but for me that doesn’t bother me. Enjoy and please give me your comments and critique.


project50mm-Nicki, wk40.jpg


project50mm-Joan, wk40.jpg


project50mm-Ma, wk40.jpg

The gallery with the other photos can be found here

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