35/52 project 50mm

For project 50mm I went on a completely different route this week, not following the rules of a 52 weeks project at all, but still an amazing result. This weeks photos are made by my six year old daughter Nickita and not by me. I love how she shows interest for photography and how she tries to make great shots. She takes the time to watch and tries to figure out what the best composition is. Not that she is following any photography rules, but it all seems to come natural. So again this weeks entries for project 50mm are made by Nicki.


So this first shot is a selfie made by Nicki. I have to admit that she had a little help from me due to the fact that my Canon 5D with battery grip was a bit too heavy to hold with fully extended arms. But at the end she pointed the camera at herself and gave me directions what to do.
project50mm-Nicki, wk35

The following shots are all made by Nicki without any help. It is fun to see how she supports the heavy camera body and how she waits for the right moment to press the shutter button. The shots are not posed, they were made while we were having dinner at the Greek restaurant. I was about to take some shot for project 50mm when Nicki asked me if she could take some pictures. By the time she was done dinner was served and I forgot all about taking pictures myself. Once at home my wife suggested that it would be fun if I would use our daughters photos. And so I did….


project50mm-Joan, wk35


project50mm-Ma, wk35

As a bonus I also added a photo she made of me, in the same style as the other shots.
project50mm-Bas, wk35
Fun thing to share with you is that when Nicki and I picked the photos I noticed she was really proud of what so achieved. And above all, so was I.

The gallery with the other photos can be found here

5 thoughts on “35/52 project 50mm

  1. Just a suggestion: You might consider giving her a camera of her own. I see a future flash of “Nicky Nikon” , being her with a A-F-II hanging on her neck , cam on her belly , top cap removed, looking down straight on the mirror, finding the best shot…..

  2. a’rite then
    My flash of the future was’nt just fantasy but reallity then :)
    (and i should have known that you were way ahead of me)
    but is it the FII? (that would be too much a coincidense. in that case i should go in business as psycic)

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